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Why Are We So Overweight?

Statistics show that millions of people worldwide are overweight and at risk of developing serious health problems . But it never used to be like that 30 , 40 or more years . So why do people become so big these days ? What is the cause of this global problem?

Modern medicine can cure obesity ?

Many people, including highly skilled professionals now believe that contemporary Western medicine , obesity can not be cured .

Why can cure obesity ?

The answer is more obvious each day. Contemporary medicine utilizes medications that are designed to treat the symptoms of the disease, but does not address the root cause of the problem.

Why not treat the root cause of obesity ?

Modern medicine has not found the cause of obesity. In fact , doctors acknowledge they have no idea what really causes obesity.

Obesity really only exists in the western world. Almost always in areas of the world " underdeveloped" . And the rapid increase in obesity has occurred in the last 50 years.

There must be many more medical research into the causes and effects of obesity before doctors can begin prescribing a single drug remedy .

Does it make sense to take drugs if doctors do not know what causes obesity and how to fix it ?

No, but many people do exactly that . Doctors prescribe happily all kinds of drugs to relieve the symptoms of obesity. Surgeons perform the same lap band surgery radical in the stomachs of very obese patients . But what are the risks and possible side effects of these procedures ? For most people that are slightly or moderately obese drugs or surgery is not an option .

What is really the cause of global obesity problem ?

The answer begins to be evident for medical research professionals .

Obesity is not a disease. Therefore can not simply be treated with medicine.

As obesity is a minor problem in our society 50 years ago, has to be our modern lifestyle causes obesity . What could it be?

The "root cause " of obesity is our modern lifestyle

During the last 50 to 100 years , we have radically changed our diet in the developed world . Second in the world and third world countries do not have an obesity problem due to their diet and lifestyle were not significantly affected by modern food production and processing.

In the developed world , we eat more calories and processed foods becomes much less exercise.

What is the answer to obesity ?

Obese people have to change your diet to reduce the consumption of processed and fast foods . They need to increase their consumption of fruits and vegetables and drink more water. This will eventually lead to better health and improve the performance of bodily functions.

Obese people are also getting more exercise into your daily routine .

Of course, this is much easier to talk reached , but if you want to lose weight you have to do.

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