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Can Diabetics Eat Pizza?

If you are diabetic and track their levels of blood sugar frequently , you may notice that some foods raise the level of blood sugar faster compared with others. Diabetes is also known as glucose intolerance in carbohydrate foods that have the most influence on your level of blood sugar . The pizza is very fast and convenient , but its bark contains a lot of carbohydrates and sugar in your tomato sauce can be added. Most people also have their pizza and sodas could greatly increase the level of blood sugar .
Pizza Lunches
Pizza slice containing 36.5 g carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fiber. Furthermore, a slice of cheese pizza thick crust has a large amount of carbohydrates ( 41.1 grams) and a small amount of fiber ( 2.8 g). Of course, if you're down two slices of pizza , you can also double the carbohydrates that you take , of course , if you eat half a pizza, it would be the equivalent of 146-164 g of carbohydrates. Sometimes people who order a pizza also sort carbohydrate -laden foods like potato chips . Soft drinks are also often times sorted , they are also full of carbohydrates.
Pizza and carbohydrates
Most of the ingredients used in the manufacturing pizzas have a large amount of carbohydrates except the bark and tomato sauce with a large amount of sugar. The American Diabetes Association recommends limiting intake of carbohydrates 45 g 60 g per meal.
Eating one or two servings of pizza is okay, but it can cause high blood pressure . In addition , you should avoid eating other foods high in carbohydrates in the same meal. Instead of foods rich in carbohydrates in the same meal , you can go with a salad or green vegetables to add to your fiber intake .
healthier options
A healthier option is to order a thin crust pizza cut your carbohydrate intake . A slice of thin-crust pizza contains less carbohydrates and fiber. In other words, it can take two to three installments , as long as you do not take other carbohydrate-containing foods at the same meal .
Keep track of your blood sugar levels in the blood after eating a lot of pizza to make sure it stays below 180mg/dL , because some people must restrict their carbohydrate intake later. If your blood sugar level in blood increases to 180mg/dl after taking pizza, try to have less of pizza next time .
Make your own
Another option is to do it yourself , instead of a crust. You can simply use a low carb tortillas . Spread the tomato sauce, add lots of non-starchy vegetables with chicken , salmon , sliced ​​sausage and some cheese . Bake for 10-15 minutes or until cheese is melted.

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