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Twenty Weight Loss Tips for 2014... To Infinity and Beyond

1 . This is not a weight loss program ... - Its about fat loss for a better way , personal health and self-esteem . Chances are if you are looking at Google weight loss , you're just a little frustrated with the status quo.

2 . Skip fad diets , weight loss foods , quick weight loss programs of exercise equipment, weight loss supplements , focus on redesigning your life and find true love in you. This is not a " diet" is a life project .

3 . It goes to the gym X number of times per week. It is physical activity , exercise and training ... what you like and what I can fit your schedule . If you think " No time " is due to lack of exercise , no offense, but do not know what year it is.

4 . Use a pedometer ... the easiest way to increase your health ... truth serum activity.

5 . Set goals and incentives depth measurements . No " I need to lose weight for the wedding. " Real deep , objectives that require serious self-discovery, intrusive.

We don't "find ourselves" in life... we create ourselves... create, hone, create hone...

6. Always think of your children, your family ... is focus!

7. We are # 1 model and mentor for our children - for better or worse .

8. If you feel that torture or private ... more research

9. Make sure your gastrointestinal health is optimized ... supplements not skip ! Belly fat is very complex !

10. This is not just about the scale ... wear loose clothing , use a tape measure

11. Blood tests: I personally think the most significant of all encouraging reward get a blood test now , and after 6 months of his " love of her life " program - retest . Wowww !

12. Journal - diarize car ... is not only the food and exercise ... do not forget the column Bravo !

13 . It really is the hardest part : Analyze your eating habits, habits , timing, triggers, food choices ... It is not easy to open ourselves processes

14 . Comfort foods are a must and realizes - That to comfort your mood and comfort of their health

15 . Analyze friendships ... the best way to show love for others is contributing to your health ... seeking to contribute to your health or a partner in crime?

16 . Alcohol ... empty calories that nothing positive for your health or nutrition help , cause the body to store fat , and we are driving while intoxicated , intoxication and drunk food!

17 . He should ... real, realistic, you ... he is not trying to be a Hollywood icon . Celebrate you

18 . Look at your program you love your fat loss , anti -aging, beauty secrets, opportunity for brain development . Welcome challenges as a chance to win !

19 . Learn to identify and be fully aware of the changes and physiological benefits : energy , concentration, mood , self pride ...

20 . Hiring a health coach , are not strictly a personal trainer. A health coach is well seasoned collectively against risks to their health. By adopting an integrated approach to a level of health and fitness focus , feel more power and reap the benefits of powerful physiological rewards to stay true and in love. Divide and conquer your inner saboteurs , allowing your healthy and happy to come to power !

Shira Litwack , professional medical fitness ... Proud creator of many health enthusiasts and health business culture worldwide ...

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