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The best Fitness Songs Ever.

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I'm old fashioned in my tastes and my favorite band of all time is the Four fat Liverpool , the Beatles. I have all the Beatles songs , club even more rare songs on my iPod , and I always carry with me to the gym when I workout . Naturally , everyone is a megalomaniac like me, so do not expect to have all your songs , but if you want to know what is the best formation of Beatles songs , I can suggest a few :

1. I Feel Fine - A short but very catchy songs performed by John Lennon of fitness with the rest of the voice of the song of the band. This number may be in a better mood in seconds .

Dos. Twist and Shout - This is actually a cover song Beatles made ​​their American debut , but their version stood the test of time. The words "Shake it baby gym songs now " should be enough to prove that it is an amazing song formation .

Three . OMG - I love this song everywhere. I think it's the guitar and sing this song mad mad Paul McCartney Abbey Road there is a time favorite songs fitness mines . The chorus line help to lift heavier weights , whatever exercise you are currently doing.

April . I Saw Her Standing There - An awesome song from the first album by the Beatles . This number is an excellent cardiovascular exercise and the song works well for physical training songs . Fast , strong and powerful, it is most needed. songs Eleanor Rigby - I know, not a rock song , but something about the rhythm of the string of numbers makes this song so powerful that always puts me in a higher level of concentration and helps me better training .

June Day Tripper - This song has never been featured on a Beatles album , but still won a No. 1 songs And why not, it's one of the catchy songs of all time that I have heard in my life.

Julio. Hard Days Night - John Lennon is a hero of the working class in this song and feel that it is better to put a little more into your routine yourself. I love this song as much as John and Paul sing and he is really fast and furious fitness songs like a song that should be training .

One thing you should know is that most of the Beatles songs are rather short so you can have a little more to cover all of your workout. These seven songs are definitely a good workout fitness

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