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Sleep and Weight Loss - The truth about it!

Sleep and Weight Loss

Numerous reports linking sleep and weight loss, and said that lack of sleep can be a cause of weight gain, and getting enough sleep is a key element of successful weight loss . The results show the need to get enough sleep to lose weight, and some data even suggest that sleep deprivation increases food cravings .

Sleep and Weight Loss - Blame hormones

Ghrelin is a hormone produced in the gastrointestinal tract . It is the hormone that makes you feel hungry and stimulates the appetite . Leptin, secondly, is a hormone which is produced in adipose cells . This hormone does the opposite - that sends signals to the brain that give you the feeling of fullness or feeling "full".

When someone is sleep deprived , leptin levels in the body drop and ghrelin levels increase. This in turn stimulates the appetite , producing a feeling of being constantly hungry - even if just finished eating.

A sufficient amount of sleep time, preferably 7-9 hours per day is linked to successful weight loss and also helps a person resist cravings. When a person is tired the next day from lack of sleep , it is easy for them to search the rapid combustion of carbohydrates for a quick lift . These starches and sugars and simple carbohydrates raise blood sugar abnormally and cause the body to store fat . This can block weight loss , and even increase your changes to win extra kilos fat.

Sleep and Weight Loss - a balanced diet

A balanced diet consists of equal amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fast carbohydrates (starches , breads, sugars) and complex or complex ( the most fruits and vegetables). A good night's sleep is better eating habits , supporting weight loss . Therefore, a good night's sleep can directly and indirectly affect the rate of success in their attempts to lose weight.

Sleep and Weight Loss - More than one scheme

There are many tips to help you get a good night's sleep , including dimming lights when approaching bedtime , do not exercise too close to bedtime , stay away from caffeine drink milk and noon or later before bedtime.

Each person is different , so find what works for you. Eat balanced meals can help the digestive tract function as well, which in turn produces fewer side effects of stomach upset or heartburn - which can prevent you from sleeping.

Sleep and Weight Loss - It takes discipline

The relationship between successful weight loss and getting enough sleep not only relies on scientific evidence , but also a matter of practicality . As a private person trying to sleep function, its development may be poor , discipline can LAG and distractions can easily influence a person's decisions , which can be a major contributing factor to poor diet .

A sleep deprived person will eat more rebellious , and act more impulsively in response to an increased appetite . A person who is not focused on the discipline of eating balanced meals you consume more calories , and progress in weight loss will go out the window. When you are sleep deprived or not sleep comfortably , or continually waking up throughout the night , which negatively affects your ability to lose weight.

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