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Swimming Fitness

swimming fitness

Swimming Fitness is one of the best low impact exercises for fitness and mental wellbeing. It has many health benefits that can be enjoyed at any age.

The main reasons for swimming should be considered as an excellent fitness activity are:

Swimming is an excellent aerobic exercise : cardiovascular benefits of swimming are considered similar to land exercises such as running and cycling.

Works on all major muscle groups : Swimming is one of the few exercises that really works on all major muscle groups. Because the resistance of water , every movement and rhythm will help tone the muscles.

Improving and maintaining flexibility : compared with land-based activities , swimming is a great exercise to improve and maintain joint flexibility . Neck , shoulders and midsection ( spine) are the three main areas that primarily benefit the swim due to biomechanical repetitive movements of different strokes.

Unrestricted exercise Stamps : In water the human body is 70-80 % lighter than air, causing the floating body . Due to the fact that the water supports the body and gravity is less of a problem , the joints may work through its complete cycle without the stress involved in the movement of earth years . This is especially beneficial for people with chronic back problems or joint and people with weight problems , including excess weight makes mobility difficult to participate in land-based activities .

Please consult your doctor before starting any physical activity if you have a serious physical illness .

Swimming For Fitness

Pregnancy : Swimming is an excellent way to exercise during pregnancy. Women earn an average of 12 pounds during pregnancy and , therefore , muscles and posture are seriously overworked and energized. Due to the fact that swimming relieves the body of 70-80% of its weight in water , although it is a great way to temporarily relieve many pains in the body caused by having a child. Moreover, swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that will improve your health and fitness and this can be beneficial to the birthing process .

swimming fitness

pregnant women swimmingSwimming Gym

Rehabilitation : When the recovery from injury , swimming is considered one of the best activities to participate in. The human body is composed of 90% water and therefore the density is very similar to water , so it is a excellent low-impact activity . Many land activities put too much pressure on joints damaged if

Physiotherapists include swimming as a tool to assist in recovery from injury. It is common practice for professional sports teams to use water as a means of recovery from physical competition works .

Always consult your doctor or physiotherapist before starting a physical activity during recovery from any injury or health condition .

Stimulates muscle growth : Swimming is a great exercise to stimulate muscle growth due to workers' resistance against water. Of course , swimming is not comparable to a weight program because you can not isolate individual muscle groups , but if you want to build muscle growth and strength naturally without having to lift heavy weights without muscle fatigue and swimming is ideal.

Stress Relief : Due to the fact that swimming is an activity that requires repetitive rhythmic strokes , long periods of time, with the sensation of floating weightless find that swimming can also be beneficial for stress relief like meditation . Many people use swimming can help you relax, unwind and relax. I think while swimming , I have no time to think about problems without distraction and is a perfect way to end a busy day.

swimming for fitness

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