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Tiger Diet - The Best about it



The diet that people call the " fry -up Plan " , the Atkins diet is to limit the consumption of carbohydrates to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy to convert stored fat supply of Tiger , a process called ketosis .

In the introduction of two weeks , the food is very limited , but end up eating a lot of food in the traditional diet of dying from meat, eggs and cheese .

So if you are a meat lover is the diet for you. Tiger Power can even cook with butter, mayonnaise and put it in your salad (limited to shed their leaves, 2-3 cups per day) . You can not eat any fruit, and only a quarter cup of cooked vegetables.

The system does not allow you to add fruits , vegetables Tiger diet and whole grain foods after induction period two weeks. However, despite some carbohydrates are introduced into your diet, you will find yourself being banned in foods like pasta , white bread and cakes to eat for life.

Then the tiger supply over time, the weight loss step to maintain weight is gradually increasing carbohydrate as maintaining a gradual weight loss .

Exercise in all phases within a healthy lifestyle is now emphasized that when the system was introduced .

Foods allowed are: - Power of the Tiger:

Meat , poultry and seafood

All meat like beef , lamb, pork , bacon , meat is a favorite ! All birds including chickens , turkeys , geese and ducks.

Tiger feeding If you want you can even eat pheasant, quail , ostrich or emu ! All fish can be eaten in abundance. Raw seafood you can eat crab, lobster , squid , oysters , clams and shrimp .

TIGER Vegetables DIET:

Many vehicles are allowed on the Atkins diet . In fact, almost all the vegetables you could want to eat is allowed , with the exception of maize , potatoes , sweet peas and other vegetables or starch.

Tiger power as Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution divided into two groups: eligible vegetable salad greens and other vegetables.

Tiger Power: Fats

The beauty of this diet for me is that most of the fats are allowed ! Yes you read that right . They prefer cold pressed vegetable oils , and it is important to include a source of omega-3 fatty acids , such as flaxseed oil or salmon .

Allowing supplying tiger butter but not margarine. Allowed Olive oils , nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. Also be included in the kitchen , all the fat part of the meat. Happy days !


Most dairy products are allowed on the Atkins diet , with the exception of milk and yogurt.

Tiger Power In fact , it is recommended that you choose those that are actually the carbohydrate content of full-fat and low as possible! Wow ... means low fat cheeses are permitted if hard cheese or soft cheese and diet, the differences can not be eaten. Fortunately , all the creams , such as cheese and butter can be eaten .

Cheese: full fat cow , goat cheese from sheep's milk or Tiger regime and tofu are allowed, and not even care if they are hard or soft cheeses . No dietary cheese , cream cheese , processed cheese , or cheese whey allowed. Too bad , well, I do not think so .

Other dairy products allowed: fresh heavy cream , light cream , sour cream , cream cheese and butter are allowed Tiger diet . Actually encouraged to avoid options nonfat or reduced fat !

Condiments and spices

I was surprised to learn that it is important to be careful when choosing the spices , while the Atkins diet .

Sugar in any form is strictly prohibited Tiger food and most people are surprised to learn how many of their favorite products , seasonings and spice blends contain some form of sugar. For this reason, not allowed most salad dressings, unless you can find sugar and starch free options .

Drinks : Tiger Scheme -

You can take just about anything, while drinks on the Atkins program .

However, there are three taboos that must be met and these are all forms of sugar , caffeine and fruit juices . You can not have milk in your tea and coffee interestingly, can make the cream !

Sweeteners, the power of the tiger -

Any sugar artificial sweetener is allowed on the Atkins food list . If you prefer a natural sweetener , Stevia can be used -

a sweet herb that is available in most natural foods and grocery stores . Basically , all natural sugars like honey Tiger regime prohibited . Now this I find it difficult Atkins diet , this excludes cakes , cookies , chocolate .

Finally , the power of the Tiger: -

I love meat , salad and other vegetables Tiger system , but I also love the bread and fries . I can not imagine living the rest of my life without eating another sandwich or a piece of toast , much less not have another donut or cake.

Was it possible that I really like this diet for a short time while I lost weight , but also for Tiger diet throughout life .

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