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Best Exercises to Lose Weight at Home

lose weight

Looking for the best exercises to lose weight at home? Then you know that you can save money by not going to the gym and still lose weight, carefully and seriously devote time to these workouts in the comfort of your home. If you go to the gym is a herculean task for you, then spend only 30 minutes a day at home to make these exercises result in a significant change in your body. 

These exercises will help your body to burn fat as the person who goes to the gym and they are: 

1. Sprint stairs or running 

lose weight
You can not have machines like the treadmill and exercise bike at home, but that does not mean that weight loss can be achieved by. Just use the stairs at home. The exercise is optimal for fat burning and can not be as effective if not more effective in the body fat running, when you have finished burning the right way. 

It's easy, just go up and down stairs, 3-4 times, then rest for 30 seconds and walk at a slower pace. You then repeat the process. 

lose weight at home

2. Skipping or jump

This is one of the most intense burners calories. It is estimated that burn more calories than you would for a fast race. You must understand that this is a commitment, however, to continue to true. 

Try not to miss the stop for a minute, if possible, to rest a minute. Then start over and do a cycle of alternating for about 30 minutes or 10-15 rounds. If you use this method, trust me, you can not really burn fat from your body. 

3. Using a set of adjustable dumbbells
lose weight at home
For those of you looking to make their body, it is also a method of wide that you can use year. It can be used to enhance the formation of the body's resistance and can be done to treat the entire body through routines such as lunges, squats, shoulder, chest, on the floor, bicep curls and well other. 

To do this, perform 8-12 repetitions and rest for about 2 minutes. When the circuit is completed, repeat once more. 

April. Resistance Bands 

If you do not like the idea of ​​using weights, then another very good method is the use of resistance bands. Now are popular and have the advantage of keeping even after the dressing room. 

Hold each end of the resistance band in each hand and perform many of the same exercises that can be done with dumbbells, such as squats, shoulder press, chest press, etc. 

You can use these exercises to lose weight at home, but the exercise is not boring, you can try to pass two of these exercises in your workouts, weight loss and your body to burn fat as a fat burning machine.

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