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Sleep and Weight Loss - How The Two Are Intrinsically Linked

Sleep and weight loss have been linked by medical science for a number of years , but has never been any definitive information until now. New evidence suggests that people who get enough sleep at night ( about 8 hours ) , and are less stressed , are more likely to lose weight than those who sleep well at night.

Sleep and weight loss are determined by supply and the level of two hormones , namely , leptin and ghrelin . Leptin is released from the fat cells and is responsible for signaling the brain that is full , whereas ghrelin is released in the gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the appetite. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet creates a feedback mechanism that signals to the brain ( leptin release ) that are filled , which reduces appetite. This signal is reduced in people who do not sleep enough , and results in an increase in appetite , leading to overeating and weight gain.

A recent study at the University of Illinois measured these hormones in 12 healthy subjects during controlled sleep deprivation and long periods of sleep . This study shows that the proportion of fat that has accumulated in the body during periods of sleep is related to the number of hours of sleep each individual had to demonstrate a direct link between sleep and weight loss .

This theory of " dream weight loss " has been tested in different ways. Another six-year long study , conducted by researchers in Quebec , Canada , involved more than 250 people aged 21 -64 . After six years , we studied weight gain in these individuals and compared to the number of hours they slept each night (between 5 and 10 hours) . They found that people who slept for a shorter period (5-6 hours ) had a greater weight gain than those who slept for a long time (7-8 hours) every night ratio .

Sleep apnea , which is characterized by slow or troubled breathing , is also associated with weight gain . Although the relationship between sleep and weight loss can not be denied , there may be other factors affecting such as caloric intake and stress also plays an important role in getting people to sleep better . That said , people who have trouble sleeping and are concerned about their weight should try to increase the number of hours you sleep at night , and also increase the quality of your sleep maintaining good sleep hygiene .

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