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Honey Fitness - the truth about it!

Honey Fitness

Benefits of honey pure fitness
The world is changing Fitness honey . Anita Bacchanale recommended that sugar and the internet is full of information to evaluate the miraculous properties of this tempting sweet liquid available in glass bottles . But this is the type of honey you use? Honey gym is very good for health (as explained in more detail in the next section) and how to choose one ?
Well, when it comes to enjoying the miraculous properties of honey fitness , it is important that you focus on the purchase of the natural variety , less processed . In short , the money earned to invest in fitness of pure honey . Why? Read on to learn some amazing benefits
What is the capacity of raw honey ?
It is less elaborate version that does not contain honey "additives" natural . If you buy a bottle of honey , read the label . If you find no mention of the "additives" , buy it.
Pure honey is free of germs and has many healing properties .
Pure honey has antiseptic properties . This is also the reason why many historians agree that almost all Egyptian medicine contains pure honey .
improves immunity
When taken regularly, honey pure fitness tends to reduce vulnerability to infection and healing well.
healing Properties
Pure honey has healing properties and can be applied directly to open wounds , burns , blisters, sores , conjunctivitis , ulcers and irritation of the skin and scalp .
Pure honey is very effective in relieving sore throat. You can chew honeycomb ( keep the ball ) for best results.
Do not fry
People who eat raw honey per day are less vulnerable to colds and flu infections rarely .
You can strengthen immunity by having at least one teaspoon three times a day for best results.
Many doctors recommend honey as an effective honey syrup . For an effective home remedy , you can try mixing equal parts of lemon , matching raw honey , and whiskey.
Hangover Cures
Gym pure honey contains fructose. According to reports, fructose is a hangover remedy . With 3 tablespoons is recommended to cure a hangover.

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