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Lose Weight While Sleeping - Is it Really Possible?

Lose weight while you sleep is very possible to do. We might find this hard to believe , but true ! We lose weight when we sleep. In this article I will go into more detail on this topic to lose and repeat !

Lose weight while you sleep :

Dream leads us to suppress our hunger and desire for food. It is a hormone that is responsible for hunger or appetite . Ghrelin is a hormone responsible for suppressing hunger .

A type of hormone you feel full . The hormone that does this is called leptin. Leptin is a hormone that regulates energy, including appetite and metabolism . Leptin signals your brain and basically says she has had enough.

When we sleep , hormones are at work. During sleep, the hormones increase the activity . If you 're overweight or obese , it may be because our hormone leptin is not working properly and is not to make you feel full. You feel like you need to eat something, even in the middle of the night . While ghrelin hormone will actually cause you to eat more , then you really need . You may also have noticed that one night he could not sleep , could have eaten much during the day ? That's because you were not well rested and allows these hormones enough time to work .

Why is it important for us to dream? Sleeping repair our tissues and the damage that can happen to your muscles during the day. We could perhaps overweight because our body does not have the opportunity to repair itself and allow sufficient time to burn excess fat overnight . You should try to get at least a full eight hours of sleep for each night.

As seen in this article, you may lose weight while you sleep! Do not forget to get a good night's sleep and you will lose weight !

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