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Health Benefits Of Running - Why Run?

Running is not only an enjoyable activity but has some serious health benefits for occupying . Running builds muscle , strengthens bones and is an excellent body all worked. This section explores the benefits of running in a bit more detail.

1. Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a weakness in the bone structure , which the bones become porous or hollow (hence the term osteoporosis). This makes the bones become fragile and more likely to be damaged by a fall. Some people may inherit the disease because of their genetic , but more often this condition is associated with the aging process and lack of exercise. Running requires constant use bones to keep in good working condition and reduce the risk of osteoporosis with age.

2. Strengthens muscles , tones and firms and helps to lose weight

Running strengthens the muscles by constant exercise and perform the necessary efforts . When running muscles are constantly working to propel you forward and adapt to uneven surfaces and allows continued use muscle tissue to grow, firm and tone the legs and buttocks .

If you need to lose weight running is a great calorie burner and will help you reduce fat quickly, especially if combined with a good diet.

Tip: To reduce weight for you to develop an implementation plan with a personal trainer , you burn more calories than you consume

However, if it is too thin when you start running you might actually notice weight gain . Do not worry , this is because muscle is denser than fat and if you carry less fat in the first place , the increase in muscle tone will make you heavier.

3. Strengthening the cardiovascular system

This is the system that controls the heart race and great service in this area. When you run your heart works hard to keep the muscles supplied with oxygen to keep going. You heart is a muscle and eventually constant work that gets to run stronger and can reduce the risk of heart disease and eventually heart failure.

In addition race can also benefit of the arteries . When you run your heart to pump harder to cope with the demand for oxygen to the body. This increases the pressure flowing through the arteries and hot to get rid of fat deposits cholesterol may have adhered to the walls of the arteries .

These are fatty deposits that , if left untreated , may restrict the arteries to the point that the blood does not reach the heart in sufficient amounts, causing a heart attack . The good performance can help keep arteries in good condition . Think of it as a water pipe high pressure on a dirty road , cleaning up trash and dirt that sticks to the road.

4. Improvement of the respiratory system

When you run the heart pumps blood to all areas of your system . One of the first things you notice when you take the first race is how you feel breathless. This is because of lack of capillaries , which are tiny blood vessels in the lungs to keep continue working. When running more often the number of capillaries supplying your lungs with oxygen increased and become more efficient by improving your respiratory system in time.

5. Improved ability to fight disease

Because the race is a good form of exercise stimulates the cardiovascular and respiratory , vascular , which improves the body's ability to fight coughs, colds and viruses. If it makes you immune to them, you find that you suffer less and recover faster.

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