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Learn How To Love Yourself - 50 Ways

learn how to love yourself

Self-love and personal care are associated with weight loss and fitness. As Lucille Ball said : "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You have to love yourself to get anything done"

This is the time of year again to celebrate love . But consider this : how can one love without love yourself first ? How can you expect someone treats you with respect if you do not respect yourself ? So many of us look out for the love you want, when , as Dorothy realizes her ruby slippers have power all the time, are the ones who have had all along .

Learning to love is essential for Anyone

After my divorce , I spent several days Valentines Day as a single mother . Instead of staying home and feeling sorry for myself , wishing someone sweeps me off my feet , I chose to use these days as a way of learning to love and take care of myself . I dressed , hanging out with other single friends , and ate the best food and drink the best wine and danced all night. These are some of my favorite memories of VDay .

You do not have to be alone to learn to love yourself . In fact , many people have difficulty in relationships with this idea. Some people feel uncomfortable when they are alone , some are frustrated that their needs are not met by their partners, or just generally do not feel comfortable with who they are .

If you are struggling with loneliness, low self esteem, or just want to work to be kind to yourself , here are some ideas to treat you like someone you like :

1. send flowers

2. make a list of your best features. Keep this list somewhere accessible so that when
feeling depressed, you may read.

3. Be thankful , write down everything you have to be grateful. If you are in a bad place, be
recognizing that you can walk , you're alive , you can see , etc, is always
something to be thankful .

4. splurge on a massage

5. take some time to be alone and relax

6. deaf gossip and drama that includes news, gossip magazines , TV "junk" , social media and negative personalities around you that make you feel bad about yourself , other people , or world

7. perform an act of random kindness

8. learn to recognize the " tyrant " in his head , and turn those negative thoughts into positive thoughts

9. go to your favorite restaurant for dinner , or a good friend or a good book

10. make exercise fun , like skateboarding or rollerblading.

11. take a hot bath

12. light candles around the house

13. buy some cheese and wine tasting

14. prepare a wonderful meal

15. rent the funniest movie you know and laugh until his sides ached

16. break your ladder with a hammer . Do.

17. beautiful words about putting yourself in the mirror. Try " Hello , gorgeous! " Introduction .

18. smile at strangers

19. read a good book

20. meditate.

21. eat something you know is really good for you , like a spinach salad or piece of fruit

22. go to an art museum and get lost in the galleries

23. do what you love - take time every day to do what you love to do , whatever it is .

24. savor the moment - given all the thoughts , really listen to the birds and watch the sun

25. forgive - yourself or others, release any feelings of guilt or anger and move on

26. take a red pen to your to-do list - remove the commitments that are not needed to make room for the things that matter most

27. will trade regime - only buy what you really need , do not spend a penny on the disorder and learn to channel their money, and what makes you really happy

28. try this class that has been waiting to try

29. reach out and ask for help if you need it

30. organize and do the following to procrastinate , you will feel much better

31. rock your favorite music.

32. dance while you're there

33. plan your dream date , then take it

34. go on a weekend for you

35. create a vision board with pictures and quotes that inspire you and give you a visual representation of your dreams.

36. set a timer on your desk and do yoga every 30 minutes, 1 hour 5 minutes at a time.

37. learn to see the beauty in all that you can recognize in yourself

38. make a list of your accomplishments and celebrate , no matter how "small"

39. take the afternoon off and take a nap

40. care of your health - visit to the doctor listen to your body , it feeds on nutrients
foods , exercising regularly , managing stress

41. do something bold , like a haircut you've always wanted to try

42. up to bed early

43. tell people you love how much they mean to you

44. No, although it is tempting, compared to someone else. You're the only person in the world with its unique characteristics , abilities, gifts and talents. Celebrate !

45. just for one night , a dessert for dinner. Indulgences occasionally will not hurt .

46. go see a movie , which means

47. reach out to friends and make plans

48. surround yourself with inspiring people - which are the average of the five people who are in contact with most , so make sure you surround yourself with the right.

49. up early and watch the sunrise from the roof

50. really enjoy a cup of coffee

How to cope ? Do you take care of yourself as someone you love?

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