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How to Build Self-Confidence and Love What You See in the Mirror

How to Build Self-Confidence

How do you feel about yourself ? Self-esteem can be hard to find . Although we are all born with complete absence of self-awareness , things that happen along the way as we grow we start asking questions . We started comparing ourselves to others and wonder , I 'm as good as them? Do I have expectations ? Confidence goes with fitness and health to help us live the best possible version of our lives that we can.

Here are some things I learned about self - confidence , and means you can go to start feeling better about yourself .

Stop judging others

I used to constantly judge other people in my head of what led to the way they talked about what they did . I realized one day, because I judge others, I also feel I was planning. Once I learned to set aside the judgments of others , I began to think less about what the world thought of me . I also stopped participating in the drama and gossip , which has exactly the same effect. What others judge me ? I'm sure they do, it's human nature . But I do not think so for me there .

Take care of yourself

There is a quiet confidence knowing that you are strong and healthy , and the best version of yourself . By exercising, eating healthy , relieve stress , lack of sleep , good clothing , etc. , you show others that you are someone who is worthy , and that is also what you try .

No judgments internalize

People will talk about you, it's inevitable. And the more successful you are , the more they will speak. An essential skill for self-esteem is being able to see the judgments of the perception that they are someone else for his own projection of you . There is no truth , your truth . If one or the other said you were a mailbox, does it hurt? Do you think , wow , I am a mailbox? How dare they think I'm a mailbox ! No, it would be ridiculous to you , because you know that this is not true . Think of other judgments you in this context.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

It takes a bit of practice, but the negativity is like an anchor that sinks his confidence . Every time a negative thought comes to mind , imagine that greater evaporation. You can do this by taking your negative thinking and replace it with a positive experience. Therefore, "I hate my body! " It becomes "I am so grateful to have a healthy body " . Related: surround yourself with positive people who will lift you up and make you feel good about yourself.

Think of Can’t as a Bad Word

How many times can you say no ? What would you be able to achieve if you really explored all the things you say you can not do , and found ways to achieve them instead? This is particularly useful to blow through your excuses for not eating right or exercising.

Avoid Identifying with a Single Trait

For all his trust in the fact that you have a PhD, or due to their large muscles , or because you have a lot of money, etc? What would happen if you suddenly lost this quality or not is more important ? Know that you are worthy as it is , how it came to this world in the heart of what we are based . Ask and appreciate other qualities is great , but not the center of his being around them only.

Why not me?

Recognize that those who achieve their goals and dreams are no different than you, except that instead of thinking, why me ? thought , why not me? Sit with this question for some time and look at all that come . You are also able to succeed and achieve their dreams as Bill Gates , Oprah Winfrey , and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Give to Others

Perhaps nothing else in this list is more important for self-esteem to give to others and help where there is need , without discrimination. This is a sure way to love what you see in the mirror.

Stop comparisons

In the time to stop comparing yourself to others , in the moment you feel better about yourself . This is one of the reasons why I took all my photos " fitspiration " on my vision board . As the quote proverb, "comparison is the thief of joy. " You would have been perfectly happy with your car until the car began to notice that everyone was driving. Suddenly, a small car convenience, reliability was not bright enough , again , very fast. The same goes for your body , your accomplishments, your entire life. And so .....

Saying thank you

Gratitude is the gateway to the confidence and good luck . By stopping the comparisons and begin to feel grateful for the things in your life, your world will change. If you suffer from a poor body image , try to look differently and thank them for the good of your body gives you . To do this every day until you start to believe it!

Do you struggle with confidence ? How do you react to that?

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