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Why You Need To Lose Weight?

Reasons to lose weight :

1. To love and be happy with yourself for having a body that allows you to do things you could not do before , such as running, hiking and climbing.

2. To be able to put on skinny jeans, other short / tight clothes or go to the beach in a bikini and not feel shame and embarrassment in your body. Clothing will be more convenient, cheaper and easier to find.

3. To stop the feeling that we have failed in life in a way u feel more confident and less afraid to get out more.

4. To climb the stairs and get to the top without having to stop along the way to catch my breath.

5. To be able to step on the scale and be absolutely proud of his accomplishments and his new weight.

6. To have friends , family and colleagues to congratulate you on how you look at it , instead of criticizing you.

7. To be actually able to smile at the camera and I love when people take a photo . No need to run and hide

8. No breaky makes it painful! No more painful arms or legs! More knee problems ! No more sore feet !

9. To enter a room and be the healthiest person to see her.

10. To eat and not feel guilty about it the next day or people staring at you while your buffet.

11. To be able to enter the room and not worry about having people look at you because their obesity.

12. To prevent people put you down and hurt you by telling you that you need to lose weight.

13 . To really enjoy shopping and buy whatever you want , because finally looks at you .

14 . To have more energy to spend time doing things you love to do like dancing , surfing, etc.

15 . To minimize the risk of stroke, heart attack, type 2 diabetes or cancer so you can live longer and
embrace life .

16 . play with your kids without getting out of breath within 30 seconds.

17 . To be able to look in the mirror and look like a new person.

18 . Get rid of double chin and chubby round face .

19 . Hurry up and lose everything if you can forget about having to lose weight.

20 . Get a sexy toned stomach . Who does not want to flaunt abs right?

21 . Do not break a chair when you sit in a flimsy plastic .

22 . To be able to walk faster with ease.

23 . You will be able to swing on a swing without worrying about breaking or getting in the car and put the belt easily or ride a motorcycle without the additional load on the side of the seat .

24 . To set a good example for other people or children and even encourage weight lose weight too.

25 . To be able to ride a horse without worrying about injury.

26 . To be able to reach your shoes and tie them without any hassle .

27 . To be able to fly safely .

28 . To reach the toes and you can cut the nails without any problem.

29 . Do not get excited when someone asks how much you weigh

30 . For people tell you they want to have a body like that

These are some of the hundreds of reasons to lose weight. Occasionally take these and visualize yourself in a few months from now and think about how you feel these achievements in your life. By focusing on these will help you stay motivated.

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